The Power of EZClaimz

EZClaimz' compensation SaaS platform is a powerful solution for provider claims administration, CMS-1500 invoicing, and dashboard anaylitics related to tracking the needs of the injured employee.

EZClaimz is an online portal that is EZ and efficient for Voc Rehab and Employment Specialist providers. Medical management, activity logs and invoicing simplified.

As a service provider, your time is valuable. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your claim submissions will be accepted and reimbursed on time, the first time. 
  1. Time Saving

    Spend less time invoicing and more time providing the best service and care possible.
  2. Efficient

    Don't pay for what you don't need!
  3. State of the Art

    SaaS Solution online portal. Software as a Service. Responsive and dynamic web based system. Azure database built in.
  4. Cloud Based

    Cloud based system that is Safe, Secure, Reliable and Convenient.

EZClaimz CMS-1500 Automated Solution

PI-Tech has automated and streamlined the entire CMS-1500 invoicing process.
It is EZ for all providers to manage their activity, reporting and claim submissions for compensation and eliminate costly mistakes.

EZComp Screenshots

  1. Managing Director
    You can easily locate needed information by searching many fields for just the right information. Whether it is a claim number, a name or an activity data can be sorted and filtered and exported as a PDF, CSV, Excel or print file.
  2. Managing Director
    Several ready made reports, based on most requested information, already included in the subscription. Customized reports available.
  3. Managing Director
    Enter your provider information one time for easy invoicing of procedures.
  4. Managing Director
    View of required travel maps for reimbursable travel procedures. Automatically generate accompanying activity logs.
  5. Managing Director
    easily access important data from any screen. Always available quick menus display case activity and reminders so you can submit your claims for reimbursement accurately the first time.
  6. Managing Director
    Automatically generate cms1500 forms for billing. Just enter a claimant number and generate all claims available for submission.
  7. Managing Director
    Enter travel mileage and time when entering the activity
  8. Managing Director
    Add and edit a case manager profile at any time.
  9. Managing Director
    Claims management dashboard for a quick overview of your clients claims and activity. Get statistics on all of your cases, see reminders for current and past due actions needed, check upcoming important dates on the calendar.
  10. Managing Director
    Generate required reports and logs for processing along with CMS1500.
  11. Managing Director
    Log your activity and procedures and your required reports are generated automatically.
  12. Managing Director
    Depending on the procedure entered in the activity log, the correct report in the correct format is generated. Get your reimbursements processed the first time.
  13. Managing Director
    Secure internet based. Easily access and enter your information any where there is an internet connection. Export and download all data at any time.
  14. Managing Director
    Easily convert your mileage and travel time into billable units. Ensure accurate billing and avoid costly denial of claims.
  15. Managing Director
    Get statistical data on all case managers and procedures.
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Coming soon. All new EZRisk for even more Reporting and Risk Management tracking capabilites!

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